Style Week’s Intern Takes on Teen Vogue

Recently, Style Week Pittsburgh’s intern, Elana Pappas was invited to the Teen Vogue magazine headquarters in New York City. Read about her experience…

“My Teen Vogue Experience”

            On January 13, 2017 I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the Teen Vogue magazine headquarters in New York City. Being that I am an online fashion student for the Parsons and Teen Vogue program, the students had the privilege to be eligible for this event to learn and network with some of the industry’s best. As soon as I received my invitation to the event I knew this was the perfect opportunity to represent Style Week Pittsburgh in the best light, and I was beyond elated to do so.


Photo © Teen Vogue

            Soon after a panel of editors entered the room and gave us all the most gracious greeting. I couldn’t believe I was in the same room with Teen Vogue’s editor and chief, Elaine Welteroth. We had the opportunity to have an open Q&A with the panel of editors. It was so insightful to hear their take on building your brand, how to showcase your aesthetic, enhancing your visual style, the best tips on using social media for your brand, and how to stay inspired. It was so enlightening and I definitely took notes to take back home. I also loved hearing about the editors talk about their favorite trends this past season, from 70s vibes to 90s grunge. It was amazing to think that all of the trends I had been following by reading through those glossy pages of a magazine were created by the people right in front of me in the very same room. Sharing Style Week with Teen Vogue’s editors was amazing, and it was even more amazing how many questions they had about it and wanted to learn more and stay connected with us. So I think it is safe to say Style Week Pittsburgh has been Teen Vogue approved! That’s right; Style Week Pittsburgh is ready to take over the globe!


Photo © Teen Vogue

            The rest of the day was filled with exclusive activities. We had a conference with College Fashionista’s founder, Amy Levin on insightful tips for entrepreneurs. We also had an exclusive tour of Teen Vogue’s fashion closet where many celebrities and talents have been styled. My favorite part, though? Receiving styling tips from Teen Vogue accessories editor, Kirby Marzec for our very own Teen Vogue photoshoot! She gave us the best styling tips to keep in mind for a shoot, and we got to experiment with it firsthand by having a professional Teen Vogue photoshoot of our very own. Considering that I am an aspiring stylist, that was the most crucial part for me and I definitely got the ultimate photoshoot experience. Kirby’s advice was simple yet profound. She simply said to us, “Stay true to your aesthetic.” Then it was great to hear that she and I both shared the same love for moto jackets and anything in black. We were basically twining outfits, it was too cool.

Teen Vogue did an outstanding job providing us with great networking and hands-on experience. I truly couldn’t be more thankful for my experience at Teen Vogue and all of the connections that were made while representing Style Week Pittsburgh. Leaving Teen Vogue that day left me with great inspiration and the confidence I needed to keep pursuing my passion as fiercely as possible. In words of Teen Vogue’s editor Elaine Welteroth, “All you need to find is your inner girl power and you’re destined to slay.”

Shine on,

Elana Pappas



2016 Style Awards Winners

Missed this year’s Style Awards? Here’s a recap of the nominees + winners from Style Week Pittsburgh Day 2 at Culture Restaurant.

2016 Style Awards
*Winners are in bold

James Houk
Jennifer Mendicino
Leesa Kassler
Eva Dixon
Malcolm Williams
Nisha Blackwell

Society Men’s Grooming Lounge
Brett James
Studio Booth
MCN Salon
Dreamz Hair Salon

Christina Imberlina Stein
Sonita ell
Aire Plichta Reese
Shawna Solomon
Niki Whittle

Christian Diboko
Slow Danger — Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight

Gilded Girl Beauty Emporium
Vintage Valet
Boutique la Passarelle
EONS Fashion Antique
Worth New York showroom by Bear Brandegee
Lex & Lynne
Shop 412
Little Black Dress by Diana Misetic
Three Rivers Vintage
Kindred Spirits Boutique
Social Status

Binay Geathers
Amanda Bossi
Rebecca Whitlinger
Marian McCann
Suzanne Mauro
Tara Fay Coleman

Tamiah Bridgett — Diversame
Nate Mitchell — The Natural Choice
Gina Vensel — Easy Street Promotions
Gina Mazzotta — Gina Mazzotta Millinery
Martin Potoczny — LUXE Creative
Shellie Hipsky — Empowering & Inspiring Lives
Sophia Berman — Truust Lingerie
Darieth Chisolm — Hustle & Heart TV
Nicole Manns — Nikki’s Magic Wand

Debbie Stinedurf — Fashion Fairydust
Tori Mistick — Wear, Wag, Repeat
Emily Kilgore — Fast Fashionista
Kimberly Allera — Yes! Wear That
Lisa Freeman — Style Examiner Pittsburgh
Zoe Namey — Zoe with Love
Chancelor Humphrey — Keep Pittsburgh Dope
Foo Conner — Jekko
Ashley Pletcher — Afternoon Espresso: A Life and Style Blog

Juan Carlos Silva
Mitchell Tommy Hall
Aretha Melanie Boyd

Danielle Mock
Kourtney Leech
Dee Dee Malloy

Get the full scoop via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Makers and Music #IAMSTYLE Edition

13699964_555750847930165_5551775754178369058_n-1Join Style Week Pittsburgh on Friday, July 22nd for a happy hour event in partnership with Makers and Music to celebrate the Entrepreneurs and Creatives selected for this years #IAMSTYLE campaign. As part of the Makers and Music series, we invite you to get to know these outstanding members of our community and learn more about what they do, why they do it and what they’re doing next.

Music • Food • Drinks

About Style Week Pittsburgh
Produced by Pittsburgh based Event Planning & Marketing Firm Style & Steel, LLC., Style Week Pittsburgh was created in 2013 to raise the profile of local creative entrepreneurs and fashion oriented brands. Returning for its 4th year, #styleweekpgh16 will be held from August 18th – 21st. Visit for additional information and to purchase tickets.

About Makers and Music
A series of events dedicated to providing a platform for the community to experience the work of local artists, makers and musicians. Founded by local entrepreneur and CEO of Straightforward Consulting, Leigh Solomon Pugliano, Makers and Music focuses on highlighting Pittsburgh’s creative community.

Makers and Music began as part of the Unblurred on Penn Avenue. In it’s second year, Makers and Music will move throughout the city turning unique locations into interactive creative spaces, and provide more business development and operational support to artists, musicians and makers in our city.

The 2016 #IAmStyle Collective Includes:
Sean Beauford
Tara Fay Coleman
James Houk
DS Kinsel
Gina Maria Mazzotta
David Pugliano
Ayesha Scott
Emily Skopov
Leigh Solomon Pugliano
Sarah Zeffiro

Photographed by: Juan Carlos Silva

Entertainment Provided By:
DJ illeso
Two Tall Twins

Social Status Boutique – East Liberty Location
5929 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Pittsburgh creatives show their #style

Remember a few weeks back when Style Week Pittsburgh launched its #iamstyle campaign where we featured some of Pittsburgh’s trailblazing creatives? Well! Guess What? The photos are now available for your viewing pleasure. Check out some of our faves!

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#IAMSTYLE Campaign

A few weeks back, Style Week Pittsburgh launched its #iamstyle campaign, which along with our mission for Style Week Pittsburgh, is to highlight the diverse people of Pittsburgh doing exceptional work to make our city better, impacting the region’s growth and sustainability.

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Blogger Feature: “Yes, Wear That!”

IMG_5164Kimberly Allera – Yes, Wear That!

Recently, we decided to do a special feature on Pittsburgh-based fashion and lifestyle Bloggers and Kimberly Allera, the mastermind behind the fashion blog Yes, Wear That! is first up. Check out her thoughts about fashion, trends, and more!

Define your style?

“I think this is a difficult question for most people to answer because often our style is a collection of things. I love following trends, but as I get older I know that it makes more sense to invest in timeless, quality pieces. I think your style can change with your mood and what’s on your “to do list” for the day. There are days I thrown on leggings and sneakers because I know I have a ton to get done! There are other days when a classic pencil dress, heels, and bright lipstick are needed to get that confidence boost to go out and conquer the world.”

What is your idea of a perfect date outfit (for a man and woman)?

“For a woman, I think you can’t go wrong with the perfect pair of fitted jeans paired with a chic blouse or tank under a blazer. Top it off with heels and a clutch (you don’t want to start off with too much baggage). If it’s summer, I say rock a cute sundress and sandals. For guys, I think a great pair of dark denim with a button-up. If it’s a cooler time of year, I think blazers are great. I’m a sucker for a guy in a baseball hat, but wouldn’t recommend it for a first date outfit.”

In what ways do you think that fashion is evolving in Pittsburgh?

“I think there’s a pretty big style evolution going on in Pittsburgh right now. I think it’s due in large part to the many awesome boutiques popping up in and around the city. I also think events like Style Week bring attention to fashion and style in Pittsburgh. I think people are feeling braver, more confident. They are more willing to step outside of their style comfort zones and try something new and a little bit different. I think the city is totally embracing it – which is great to see!”

Using one word, describe Pittsburgh style?


Who is your celebrity style crush?

“I’m not sure who my “style crush” would be because I take inspiration from a lot of people. I think for high fashion, Olivia Palermo has incredible style and I can’t imagine having access to her closet. I love seeing pics of celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis – they do the effortless casual thing so well.”

What are your favorite places to shop in Pittsburgh?

“I’ll be honest, I shop online a lot. Like probably way too much. It’s just so easy and convenient! However, with all of the new boutiques taking over Pittsburgh, I have found a lot of new favorite places this past year. No. 14 in Lawrenceville, Kristi Boutique in Aspinwall and Rosewood in Sewickley are some of my faves! If you love cute mugs, decorative prints and other fun items, check out the Sweet Water Décor website – the owner is also from Sewickley.”

What inspired you to start a blog and what makes your blog different?

“I was working at a job that was rather uninspiring and was really just looking for a creative outlet. I went to school for Fashion Merchandising and had worked in various retail roles in the past. I’ve always loved writing and I felt like starting a blog would be the perfect way to combine all of these interests. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas to set my blog apart. I recently started a couple of new series “splurge vs. steal” and “Friday Favorites.” I also work in the events industry, so I use the blog as a place to showcase some of my wedding and events work and to also offer insider tips and advice on event planning. Finally, when I started the blog, I really wanted it to be about collaboration and highlighting other creative individuals and entrepreneurs in the city. I’ve profiled quite a few local businesses and plan to continue with this in the coming year.”

What is your favorite lipstick (color and brand)?

“I actually owe this discovery to my “birthday gift” from Sephora this year. The gift contained a Marc Jacobs eyeliner and lipstick. The girl helping me at Sephora said the lipstick is one of her favorites because it’s the perfect “not so pink” pink. It’s called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and I would have to agree that the color is fantastic! I think it would really work with any skin tone.”

What trends can fashionistas look forward to for Spring and Summer 2016?

“I haven’t done much peaking at Spring trends yet (trying to control myself). Some of the highlights from runways I have seen are the shifting of lingerie styles into everyday wear – so feminine silks and slip dresses. The body part to bare seems to overwhelmingly be the shoulder. There are a ton of dress and top styles that are off the shoulder or have unique shoulder cut-outs. Ruffles and tiers will also be big for shirts, skirts, and dresses. I think color and prints always make a come-back for spring and summer as well.”

What is your favorite accessory?

“I think I would have to say sunglasses. I’ve had a pair for years that I should probably part with, but I can’t think about letting them go! When you find the perfect style for your face shape, it can change an entire look!”

What advice do you have for someone who is trying to discover his/her’s sense of style?

“Don’t try too hard and don’t worry about what everyone else will think! Fashion is about creativity, self-expression, and putting your best foot forward! You can find sources of style inspiration everywhere, so try new things and see what works for you. As your style matures, you’ll be able to quickly know what will work for you and what won’t. And you don’t have to be locked into a specific style. Your style will grow and evolve with you.”

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