Contact us if you’re interested in participating in Style Week Pittsburgh N°5. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Call (412) 294-9892 or Email


6 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi I was wondering if it was too late to be apart of style week .. I’m a model and also a brand ambassador meaning I can help in other ways also . I look forward to hearing from you !

  2. Hello, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I now reside in North Carolina, are you willing to consider my Line for next years show. I come back home pretty often and would love to participate. I have done several shows already in other states and wanted to participate in this one. Please let me know, thank you

    Cleo Faucette

  3. Whats up style week pgh! We were wondering if you were having any musical performances at the event? If so, we’d love to submit music!

    Look forward to speaking with you!



  4. Renee Gilliard….Hi. I met Wadira and I am interested in volunteering for one or all events. Please email me schedule. Or contact me at 412 424 7323 Thank you and Congratulations . Happy Styling.

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